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An original proposal from the Oika Kids project

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“I-Fly”, the Sky and Forest Explorers

The goal of Oika Kids is to create empathy links with all the natural components and living beings of the earth. We use virtual reality and augmented reality technology to experience beyond our senses. We perform simple practices in nature that allow us to enhance our perception, our senses. We work the space-time conditions to foster a transformative experience.

first step, the virtual reality experience to fly ...

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15 minutes of flight with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

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a forever friend chooses you

During the workshop we will be able to fly like a bird, using virtual reality technology (VR). We will also explore the park with all the senses open for a journey of perception and communication with its inhabitants. We will discover the abilities of several animals to learn to be an integral part of the forest and open ourselves to a world of sensations and beauty that is waiting for us.

Second step, the creation of the explorer's notebook

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mapping the sounds

The young explorers create a notebook that allows them to record their experience. The concentric circles allow to point out the sounds that we are going to hear, an essential practice to see and follow the movement of the birds with the ears.

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explorer's map created by Chari Cámara, an Oika Kids "Tama"

In this origami-style folding map, there is a narrative that tells us step by step the course of the workshop through experiences. The map allows to describe at the same time the territory and the emotional and sensory states of the explorers. The space becomes an inhabited place full of micro-narratives.

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go into the forest

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floating with the senses open

third step, integrate the skills of the owl and the fox

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Being inspired by the attentive listening of the owl is a practice that allows us to map the space and understand the dynamics of communication between species. Birds sing to mark their territory and communicate. Deep listening is a very simple act available to all ages and promotes a new and more intimate relationship with the natural environment.

The practice of "fox walking" allows us to be aware of the sounds we produce when walking. It is necessary to change our speed, feel the ground with the soles of the feet and change our body attitude, looking for a lower center of gravity for a better stability.

fourth step, elaboration of a game between owls and foxes.

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The skills of the owl for the listening and the fox for the displacement allow us to elaborate a game that consists of a team of owls that listen to the sounds of the forest and a group of foxes that have to cross it to return to their burrow. Along the way and with their eyes blessed, the owls are about to give warning ...